Best Time for New Siding

Are you thinking about new siding for your home? Well, right now is considered the best time to have low-maintenance vinyl siding put on your house. Siding contractors often work year round but spring and summer are the busy months and it can be hard to schedule a siding project since most will be booked months in advance. However, winter is considered off season for a lot of home improvement projects and in addition to finding a contractor who has the time you may also be able to get a discount.

The obvious answer to when to have siding done is when your home siding is in need of replacement. If you notice worn and frayed siding on your home this can become a serious problem and in extreme cases may cause structural damage that could cost you a lot to fix. However, simply replacing the siding isn’t always enough. You need to determine why the existing siding is failing and if necessary contact a licensed siding contractor to help with the inspection. Sometimes it’s a simple case of the original siding giving in to the tests of time but other factors can cause siding to wear including moisture, animals and a low quality product. Finding out why the siding is failing will help you make the right decision when it comes to installing new vinyl siding.

If you own a home or commercial building now is a great time to contact the siding experts. Specializing in installing top quality Alside vinyl siding, the The team offers free estimates on all siding projects and will consult with you on the different types of Alside siding to match your traditional or contemporary home. Vinyl siding is a great option since it is weather resistant, maintenance free and will maintain its original look through the years.