Grout Restoration and Cleaning Brings Back Beauty of Tile

Tile floors, shower walls, and kitchen backsplashes can grow dingy over the years.  Even if the tiles themselves look fine, the dirty and discolored grout between them can make the whole tiled surface look like it’s ready to be replaced.   Grout cleaning and related services can be a much cheaper alternative, especially if you like the tile and it’s still in good shape.

While grout removal and replacement could be necessary, there are even simpler choices than even regrouting tile.   For instance, a professional grout cleaner can get out years of built-up debris from the tile joints using one of several different methods.   Epoxy grout cleaning and tile grout cleaning can eliminate differences in coloration on a surface caused by foot traffic patterns or by sunlight exposure, leaving the entire surface looking like new.

For heavily soiled grout, sometimes cleaning won’t work satisfactorily.  That’s when grout staining should be considered.   Grout stain penetrates the grout material to give it a different color.  The grout can even be lightened to give it a cleaner appearance, and again can be a way to eliminate variations in different parts of the tiled surface.   Staining grout to a different color, but one that is still complementary to the surrounding tile, can give a floor or shower wall a whole different look and feel.

After either cleaning or staining, sealing grout is an essential step.  Grout sealing keeps future dirt and discoloring spills from penetrating back into the joints.

The Grout Medic is a grout restoration company currently operating in 20 states and growing nationwide through its franchise system.    The Grout Medic performs its grout cleaning services with a low pressure hot water system that is the safest method both for people and pets and for the tiled surface itself.   Low pressure means no damage done to the grout or tiling.  Using hot water and steam as a cleaning agent means  no dangerous chemical residue to affect the health of children or animals.  Consult The Grout Medic website to find a service in your area.