Upgrade your Deck for the Summer

Spring is here and that means it is time to start thinking about summer parties. Your deck is the hangout spot during summer for grilling, having company over, or to just soak in the sun. Now is the time to upgrade your outdoor living space and start with your deck. Whether you are building a deck onto your home or want to improve on an existing one, here are five tips that can help.

Number 1 – Discover your inspiration

Your deck is an extension of your home. It should reflect the style of your home and family. Think about what design elements will best fit your family’s activities and complement the layout of your yard. Looking through magazines is a great way to inspire you and use virtual planners online to put all of your ideas together.

Number 2 – Choose materials manufactured to last

If you are planning to invest in a brand new deck, you want materials that will be able to stand up to years of wear and tear. Active families with children and pets will put the deck to the test. Don’t forget that if you live in an area where the weather can be harsh all year-round, you will need heavy-duty materials. High performance wood alternatives like Trex are becoming very popular because of their superior durability and long lasting good looks. Trex has protective shell technology that makes them resistant to fading, staining, scratching, and mold.

Number 3 – Look for qualified builders

Building a deck on your own from scratch can be difficult. There are a lot of tools needed and can take a lot of time to build. There is a lot more to building a deck than just getting the materials, there are building codes, permits, and safety precautions. If you are not a do-it-yourself, it is probably best to leave the building to the professionals.

Number 4 – Consider a deck makeover

You can give your deck a makeover for much less than taking down your current deck and building a new one. You can easily resurface your deck that is showing wear, is warping, and has rot. By replacing the old wooden boards with new high-performance materials can give new life to an old deck.

Number 5 – Add finishing touches

Make your deck a cozy place to relax and hang out with family and friends. Add some style to your deck to make it more eye-pleasing. Adding new modular railing in contrasting or complementary colors can create the perfect frame for your deck. Add some weather resistant furniture to create a relaxing conversation and eating area. Installing an elegant pergola can create shade from the sun and create a luxurious feel.